NailSnaps for iOS first time user experience

The good bits

  • The app immediately places the new user into a feed of inspirational images representing what can be created with the product, which is more informative than the overdone intro tour.
  • NailSnaps lets the user create her first design without an account.
  • The Create wizard is focused and well-communicated. The “Frame your image” screen that appears before the wizard begins sets clear expectations. Each step is focused on a single task, and it uses communicative, inline illustrations and a modeless tooltip to explain the current activity to the user. 

To be improved:

  • While I do not recommend an intro tour, the images and tooltip that appears on the inspiration feed do not clearly explain how designs are created/ordered.
  • Lacking the above, a new user may be confused as to why tapping on an image in the inspiration feed does not give them the option to purchase that particular design.
  • Because of the highlight on the “Create” tab bar button and the lack of a screen title reading “Inspiration”, it is not immediately clear where in the app the user has landed.
  • The “Create” tooltip reappears on the Inspiration screen at various intervals even after first viewing. The tooltips that appear on the wizard screens are not dismissable, and can get in the way of the full screen canvas area needed to customize her design.
  • The requirement to sign in before one can save or buy a newly-created design can be a deterrent and is not a true free sample. If the user doesn’t create an account at this point, she has no choice but to destroy her design. The app should consider allowing the new user to save 1 draft without an account, even if it cannot be purchased (however, guest checkout should be a strong consideration).