Plated meal delivery service

The above is a collection of screenshots and photographs showing my first time using the meal ingredient delivery service, Plated. These images show my progression from placing my first order on their website, to their email communication, and finally to my first Plated delivery box.

The good bits:

  • Plated’s website offers a discount for first timers
  • The site also lets people browse past recipes, so they can get a feel for the range of meals that the service has offered in the past.
  • The email communication is very proactive, friendly and informative. For example, an email was sent during my delivery wait period reminding me of the ingredients that weren’t included, so I could make sure to have them on hand (or substituted) before my package arrived.
  • The order in which items were packaged was helpful. Printed recipe sheets were at the very top, with general cooking tips on the front and a detailed step-by-step breakdown on the back. The ingredients were wrapped and labelled individually. In a way, this treatment simulates a physical form of a tooltip or coachmarks.

To be improved:

  • The “$15 Credit” overlay that immediately appears on first visit to the website is disruptive.
  • The overlay also does not mention that the email address used to get a discount will be automatically subscribed to a newsletter.
  • Plated requires a user to have an account before they can check out. First, this immediately negates the “free sample” approach of the $15 credit, as it can’t actually be used without logging in. Second, this is confusing when there are many areas of the site that list non-member prices; if you can order without being a member, what are you signing up for? 

In general, the website had a lot of room for improvement, but the email communication and product delivery helped mitigate the experience.