Axure RP pro for Mac

  • The first time experience of this product is good in that it accommodates new users as well as those existing customers who are upgrading to this latest version.
  • On first entry to the app, I was shown a new document dialog that offered a few options: I could get started on a new document from scratch, open an existing document, watch a 90 second intro video, or open a sample “GettingStarted.rp” file.
  • In this case, I chose to open the sample “GettingStarted” file. The file opens in the native Axure editor. It provides a set of inline, interactive instructions; I was asked to create, link and publish a simple 2 page site by adding a button component from the Widget library.
  • After publishing to my browser, I was able to tap the button I’d just created to view another page in the sample site, which provides a demo of all the different interactive components Axure offers.
  • This first time experience is unobtrusive for existing users, and informative for new users by using the interact, don’t tell, method.

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