Twitch app & site

The good bits:

  • Twitch delivers content immediately to the new user, without delaying her with an intro tour, sign-up prompt or other preamble. Twitch allows the content and community to speak for itself.
  • Both the website and app give users a free sample. The new user is not required to log in or sign up in order to browse categories, watch games, or view live chat.  This quickly demonstrates to the new user all the content on Twitch, better increasing the odds that she’ll be inspired to create an account–even a paid account–to unlock more features.

To be improved:

  • On the website, when viewing a specific feed, the new user sees a right-side panel that lists which features an account will unlock (see last image in the photo set). However, this sign-up justification is not provided in the mobile app. Instead, the user gets a generic sign-up dialog when triggering locked features, such as favoriting or writing a chat message. Twitch should bring its web sign-up justification to their mobile app prompts. Adding this list on its prompts will give the user awareness about other features and prevent her from trying to understand which features are locked by trial-and-error.