Wealthfront.com (mobile web)

The good bits:

  • As the user scrolls down Wealthfront’s home page, it gradually leads her from a broad product concept to deeper levels of detail. The same clear call to action—“Invest now”—is present in each major section of the page. This use of inline cues leads the new user on a clear path by weaving education and action in with, instead of distracting from, content.
  • Wealthfront offers the new user a free sample by allowing her to get a personalized suggestion for an investment portfolio without her needing to create an account.  When tapping on “Invest now,” she is asked a series of simple questions in a setup wizard-like format, which ascertains her risk profile. At the end of the wizard she is presented with her suggested asset mix. This shows how a personal focus can be added even before the new user commits to an account.
  • When presented with her suggested asset mix, the new user is able to interact with it further by moving her risk profile number up or down with the “+” or “-“ buttons. Doing this will dynamically update the content on the page so that the new user learns quickly how her risk profile is tied to the suggested asset mix. By allowing the user to directly manipulate and change her suggestions, Wealthfront is providing education through guided interaction.
  • Wealthfront uses a good transition plan. The new user is invited to save her suggested portfolio for later by sending it to her email address. If she opts for this approach, a follow-up email will arrive with further details about Wealthfront and instructions on setting up an account. She can also re-link to her personalized portfolio from this email—again, all without having created an account.