Fudget is a budgeting app for iOS.

The good bits:

  • The app starts out with an option to try an interactive playthrough tutorial that guides someone as they build their own budget.
  • Sign-in is not required to try the app, so new users get a free sample experience before making a commitment.
  • The user can see the progress of the playthrough, and skip it at any time.
  • The playthrough ends with a tip about how users can find more help later. This is a good way to gradually engage users with on-demand help.
  • After the tutorial, the app uses inline cues in the blank states of different screens to guide users to other parts of the app. This is a good way to offload the playthrough from having too much guidance.Fudget first run movie

To be improved:

  • There are many hints in the playthrough, so the app should consider reinforcing those over time so that they are not forgotten.
  • The dialog that tells users how to get more help after the playthrough should show, instead of tell, the user where to find this help. Otherwise, the user has no point of reference for what it is telling them.
  • The notification prompt appears at an unexpected time, and should have been preceded by a justification screen.

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