Hilton TV menu

These photos show my first time experience using the TV menu at a Hilton Garden Inn.

The good bits:
It was helpful to see images representing what was tucked in each menu item (though this broke down on the “Watch TV” option).

To be improved:
The menu system put far too many steps between turning on the TV and getting to a TV channel.

At first I thought I had found the right choice under “TV, Music, Kids & More” since it was the only item in my initial view that said the word “TV”. However, this selection was actually for entertainment choices; to get to TV channels I had to scroll to another page and find the “Watch TV” button. I had to repeat this experience every time I watched TV during my trip.

This system could benefit from putting people into TV view right away (a content-first approach) and display the options as a secondary item. It could also learn when a repeat guest is accessing it, so that they don’t have to repeat the menu traversal every time.

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