The good bits

  • The Jet mobile app welcomes new users with a free sample: no account is needed to get 3 months for free. All a new user needs to do is make a purchase, which again she can do through guest checkout, without an account.
  • Jet uses inline cues to progressively reveal its discounting procedures to a new user. In the product list a user sees the percentage discount relative to what is currently in her cart. When the user adds an item to her cart, a confirmation dialog educates her on her total savings. And, when she views her cart, inline education shows how much further she has to go before reaching free shipping.
  • While Jet’s mobile app users an intro tour anti-pattern, it is designed to allow the user to skip immediately to the zip code screen from any slide.

To be improved

  • Intro tours are often ineffective with new users because they front load information before it’s relevant. Many users will skip them. Additionally, the concepts illustrated in Jet’s intro tour are not critical to understand before browsing content. Instead, Jet’s mobile app should consider integrating these bits of education inline in the app’s home screen ( does this specifically on its website), or weave them in elsewhere through the experience.