UXPin prototyping

These screens show my first time experience using UXPin, a web-based design prototyping tool. The first 7 screens represent the website-based experience, and the 8th screenshot shows the welcome email I received.

The good bits:

  • The “Try it Now” button is prominently offered on the site’s home page before any other account options. This allows me to judge whether the tool is a good fit for my team before paying for a subscription.
  • The introductory video on the homepage is optional; it does not autoplay. That said, it does provide a good overview of the tool’s capabilities and is an appropriate type of instructional method given the longer-session tendencies of users on a desktop site. 
  • The upsell to a paid account is held until after the user signs up for a trial. 
  • UXPin leverages a welcome email to provide additional detail and next steps, without loading all of that content into the tool itself.

To be improved:

  • Even though it is a free trial, users still have to create an account before trying any functionality. 
  • The phrase”free trial (up to 30 days)“ in the Sign Up dialog was misleading, as it wasn’t until I finished signing up that I realized my free trial would only last for 7 days unless I took further action. 
  • The coachmarks overlay that displays upon first entry is complicated, making the information difficult to retain. Reasons for this include the number of cues; verbosity of text; multi-colored text treatments; the use of “New!” or “Updated!” tags (as a new user, I have no baseline for things that have been updated since an earlier version, so these only serve as distractions); and, in some cases, arrows pointing to seemingly empty spaces.